0.45 – Blue havana


“Abe Lincoln may have freed all men, but Sam Colt made them equal.” – Colt Manufacturing Company

Our 0.45 refers to the Colt .45, a handgun and cartridge combination that was invented in 1872. The Colt was by that time already a famous gun, as it was the first that held multiple bullets and it made its fame with cowboys and soldiers during the American Civil War. The .45 was invented almost ten years after the war, but became very popular as well. It was part of the official standard gear of the U.S. Army for almost 15 years.

Bullets, guns, it all fits in the attire of the criminal, and Colt indeed made men equal in the sense that they could all shoot each other. These glasses are made of coloured acetate.



Color: C6 Blue havana
Size: 49-15-130