Borgia – Brown


We will be honest from the start: apprehending this individual might prove difficult if not impossible. While Lucrezia Borgia herself cannot be directly connected to any crimes, it is assumed that she is at least knowledgeable of the crimes committed by her family and therefore it is of great importance to investigate her.

Lucrezia Borgia is directly connected with the papal seat through family ties and should therefore be considered extremely powerful. When dealing with Borgia it is recommended to not accept any food or drink. The woman is rumoured to be a skilled poisoner.

Capo’s Borgia was inspired by the infamous Borgia-family and by Lucrezia Borgia in particular. Lucrezia was rumoured to be a classic femme fatale with multiple killings on her name. None of these crimes has ever been proven but she has played the role well in modern fiction. The Borgia is made out of acetate and shows a classic model as much as this name made history in classical times.



Color: C3 Brown
Size: 49-18-140