Johnny the Geek – Blue/Aqua


“’Crime wave’ is an understatement when you consider the costs that businesses are suffering as a result of cyber crime. ‘Epidemic’ is more like it.” –

Once a world of introvert shut-ins, now the gateway to big money. Nerds should no longer be underestimated, as they are just as capable of crimes as “the big boys” who inspired several of Capo’s glasses.

Dutch politician Sybrand Buma called cybercrime “the biggest threat to democracy”, and it is known that computer-related crimes cost companies and governments billions of euros every year. From petty crimes such as breaking into someone’s personal computer, to large DDoS-attacks that take whole countries offline. Identity-theft and hacking, everything related to computers and crime is considered cybercrime. And who would be better at emptying the bank accounts of thousands by writing some lines of computercode, than our own Johnny the Geek?

These glasses are made of sturdy acetate.



Color: C8 Blue/Aqua
Size: 49-18-135