Scaramanga – Tortoise pink


You see, Mr. Bond, like every great artist, I want to create an indisputable masterpiece once in my lifetime; the death of 007.” – The Man with the Golden Gun

Francisco Scaramanga, aka The Man with the Golden Gun: a highly dangerous individual that has vowed to assassinate one of MI6’s agents. As the identity of this agent remains classified, the current target is unknown. What we do know about Scaramanga is that he worked in a circus before becoming an assassin-for-hire. He is known to have worked for the KGB and the Cuban secret police, although the exact nature of his services remains unclear.

Assassinations performed by Scaramanga are easily connected to this man, as he uses only golden bullets, however none of the murders that he is suspected of can be pinned on him in a way that will hold its ground in a court of law. Scaramanga uses at least one known henchman, and since he lives on an island off the Chinese coast an extradition order is needed to arrest this man. When dealing with Scaramanga it is wise to remember that he only does things for his own gain, and that none of the agents that have tried to arrest him up to now have survived.

Scaramanga is one of the villains in the Bond novels and films. Since most of us adore at least one Bond-movie, it felt only right to have at least one Bond-villain hold an honorary spot in our collection. Made of colourful acetate.



Color: C2 Tortoise pink
Size: 50-15-135